Bonzo vs The Loon.

John ‘Bonzo’ Bonham and Keith ‘the loon’ Moon are two of the greatest drummers of all time, but who was better? I will not only consider their musical talent, the more important question is “who would you rather party with?”. While Bonzo was more reserved when playing Keith’s style resembled what might happen if someone gave a monkey a drum kit and a bag of meth. Although Bonzo probably had the upper hand in musical talent, Keith was the embodiment of rock; he didn’t take shit from anyone and he blew up toilets with dynamite. I like to keep post length to a minimum so I’ll just say this; you’d rather have Bonham in your band but you would rather party with the loon (if he hadn’t already taken all your drugs).

Winner: The Loon, feel free to dispute this though.


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