My favourite albums (continued)

6. Argus – Wishbone Ash
a beautiful album with some really outstanding songs. It finishes very nicely with a great dual-guitar solo on Throw Down The Sword, the cover art is a bonus too.

Notable songs: Time Was, Warrior, Throw Down The Sword

7. Split – The Groundhogs
A finely crafted, albeit fairly unknown hard blues-rock album. The 4-part song ‘split’ is where it really excels though. They are basically hard rock with a blues edge, the blues is most notable in the song ‘Groundhog’.

Notable songs: Split 1-4, Cherry Red, Groundhog.

8. London Calling – The Clash
The magnum opus of punk band The Clash, London Calling perfectly combines elements of reggae with a punk core. It is also notable as the first double album released by a punk band, although it was sold for the price of a single LP.

Notable songs: London Calling, Jimmy Jazz, Guns Of Brixton.

Listen here:


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