My favourite albums (continued)

I will provide the top ten as promised.

9. Never Mind The Bollocks – The Sex Pistols
This album is punk at its best, there are very few albums that can come close to the power and tenacity provided in the songs. Although this was their only proper album, they made damn sure that it was a good one. Never Mind The Bollocks is an album that grabs you by the ears and pounds your head until you have a concussion.

Notable songs; God Save The Queen, Anarchy in the U.K, Bodies

Listen here:
(yes I’m aware that the links don’t work, do something yourself for a god damn change)

10. Who’s Next -The Who
Who’s Next is an all round brilliant album, there are some truly magnificent songs on this album. What separates this from other albums, though, is the power coming from Rodger Daltrey’s voice and the reckless drumming. The scream near the end of Won’t Get Fooled Again is filled with more life and energy than most rock singers could hope to achieve.

Notable songs; hard to say


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