Did religion create civilisation?

While religion is often credited with holding back current civilisation, did it create civilisation?

Up to 12,000 years ago people lived in relatively small hunter-gatherer tribes, but 11,500 year old religious monuments have been uncovered that would require the co-operation of hundreds of people. It is thought that what brought these societies together is a commong belief or goal, in this case, religion. When you look over historical civilisations you almost always find a common set of beliefs, this allows people to unite through a common goal without major conflict within society. People who share religions generally share prejudices, like the disdain for Atheists. A recent study has shown that Atheists have one of the lowest approval ratings among religious groups, this can be attributed to the idea of God being connected to trustworthiness; and those who do not believe in God are viewed as untrustworthy. So, in short, it is quite probable that religion was one of the main contributing of society.


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