The question today is; should abortion be legal?

I think abortion should be legal, why shouldn’t women be allowed to choose? The fetus isn’t even conscious while at the early stage of development when they are aborted. It is quite unbelievable that some people would deny a rape victim treatment, and others even threaten to burn down clinics.

Why do people do this? This unwillingness to accept it comes from multiple sources, primarly it stems from people wanting to preserve life; unborn or not. This position is perfectly understandable but the fetus getting aborted isn’t even sentient yet. Another cause of oppression is some religious practices, although not all religious people oppose abortion a large proportion do; saying that the bible forbids it.

If there’s anyone reading this, thank you.


2 responses to “Abortion.

  1. Are you being serious with a statement like that? Should a woman be allowed to abort a potential child after 4 months or even 7 months? What is the time frame after conception for when abortion is acceptable?

    Should it be considered that whence the foetus’ gender is identifiable, it would now has a soul/spirit and a life force?

    I’m not arguing against abortion; i’m asking when and at what stage can it be considered murder and not just an easy escape plan?

  2. Of course it is unethical to abort a foetus after a certain period of time, I think it should be performed before the foetus has developed a nervous system and has shown activity in the brain. Until that time it could be considered to be “part of the mother”. However this conclusion is subjective. The idea of when the “soul” enters the body varies across religions, I cannot comment on this because I’m not a religious person.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, though.

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