Meta ethics.

In this three part post I will discuss three forms of ethics and what they mean.

Basically meta ethics deals with what is “right” and “wrong” on a fundamental level. I think there are no set rules on what is right and wrong,although most people would have similar views on things like murder we all have differences in what we believe to be good and evil. Why do people have different views? Everyone is different and so has different opinions, this is reflected in their perception of ethics. Meta ethics handles questions like “What should one do?”, the answer to which depends on the situation and person involved, if the question is “Should I kill someone?” it depends entirely on the situation; like is you’re in a war or in self defence. Ethics also depend on the environment in which people grow up, if you asked an ancient Greek what his views on good and evil were he’d probably have some extremely different beliefs to you. There are no universal standards for ethics, no set rules.


Grades in the USA

Grades in the USA go from F to A plus, this is why I have a problem. In the UK grades before GCSE’s go from 1c to 8A, I think this is better than in the USA because it gives you the opportunity to equate your current grades with what grade you would get at the tests each country provides. If you get an A in the USA in year 8 that’s just for year 8, it has no meaning when compared to marks in other years. Whereas one can easily compare ones grades in different years in the UK. Another problem I have is the SAT in the USA, it is mostly multiple choice which doesn’t allow any creativity on the students part. You just have to memorise facts in most cases (excluding maths), this could lead to problems in university when they are required to think freely. However, this is also the system for most tests in the US so it’s what the children are used to. In short, change the grading system in the USA now.