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The Wall (film)

Courtesy of Roger Waters himself.

I present to you The Wall. I understand that some don’t just want to listen to the full album so this is basically a visual aide.

My favourite albums (continued)

6. Argus – Wishbone Ash
a beautiful album with some really outstanding songs. It finishes very nicely with a great dual-guitar solo on Throw Down The Sword, the cover art is a bonus too.

Notable songs: Time Was, Warrior, Throw Down The Sword

7. Split – The Groundhogs
A finely crafted, albeit fairly unknown hard blues-rock album. The 4-part song ‘split’ is where it really excels though. They are basically hard rock with a blues edge, the blues is most notable in the song ‘Groundhog’.

Notable songs: Split 1-4, Cherry Red, Groundhog.

8. London Calling – The Clash
The magnum opus of punk band The Clash, London Calling perfectly combines elements of reggae with a punk core. It is also notable as the first double album released by a punk band, although it was sold for the price of a single LP.

Notable songs: London Calling, Jimmy Jazz, Guns Of Brixton.

Listen here:

My top 2 albums

Although most people around me listen to pop/techno I prefer most types of rock music. So , in my incredibly biased opinion, these are the top two;

1. Dark Side Of The Moon – Pink Floyd
Although I acknowledge that it may not be the best album it is the one that got me listening to rock, beforehand I wasn’t very interested in music but this album changed everything. I love how it creates a somewhat mysogynistic atmosphere without delving into the depths of dispair.

Notable songs: Time, Us and Them, Brain Damage
Listen here:

2. Quadrophenia – The Who

This album tells an interesting story but it focuses more on music than some other concept albums. It starts calmly, with the faint noise of the sea then it immediately descends into an energetic song (the real me).

Notable songs: the real me, Quadrophenia, Love reign o’er me.

Listen here:

I have run out of time, I will do more.

Bonzo vs The Loon.

John ‘Bonzo’ Bonham and Keith ‘the loon’ Moon are two of the greatest drummers of all time, but who was better? I will not only consider their musical talent, the more important question is “who would you rather party with?”. While Bonzo was more reserved when playing Keith’s style resembled what might happen if someone gave a monkey a drum kit and a bag of meth. Although Bonzo probably had the upper hand in musical talent, Keith was the embodiment of rock; he didn’t take shit from anyone and he blew up toilets with dynamite. I like to keep post length to a minimum so I’ll just say this; you’d rather have Bonham in your band but you would rather party with the loon (if he hadn’t already taken all your drugs).

Winner: The Loon, feel free to dispute this though.