Euthanasia is the act of taking a life to end suffering but should it be legal?
If you are suffering be it from immense pain or a physical disability I think it is perfectly just to want to end your life when suicide isn’t an option.

People should have control over their own lives, if they want to end it then that is their choice. However, there would have to be a point when you can’t participate in assisted suicide, like if you are depressed after someone in your family died or your partner left you; these shouldn’t be reasons to commit assisted suicide. Being severely handicapped with no obvious signs of improvement or if you are in unbearable pain would be acceptable conditions to commit legal euthanasia.


The death penalty.

Here in the U.K people are campaigning to get the death penalty reinstated, but should it be? Those for the death penalty argue that if someone takes a life the government has the right to take theirs, this is know as lex talionis or “the law of retaliation”. However, I think killing a murderer lowers society to the level of the killer, when is taking a life right? I also think that life imprisonment is a harsher punishment than death because , even if the person is freed, it quite literally takes their lives away; they can’t even get jobs. Convicted murderers have even been known to kill themselves rather than face life in prison.

North Korea: when will it end?

As you may know, North Korea has become a very dangerous place. The government starves its people and feeds them inaccurate (read; retarded) information about the government and the rest of the world. They have attracted recent controversy by planning to launch a satellite, this would violate the treaty signed by the North Korea and the U.N; this treaty was supposed to ban missile use in return for food that they desperately need. But, when will it end? Will it end with war? Or will it end with the people overthrowing the government? One thing is clear; they will not go quietly.